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September 30, 2004

besotted, pickled, three sheets to the wind or just plain drunk

Today's WaPo has an article about George Washington's whiskey business. It's rather interesting... Apparently he made out like a bandit on the stuff. Americans were all about quantity at the time, as opposed to quality, and drank a goodly amount till approximately 1840 when the damned temperance movement took it's nasty hold.

In other news, I have gone much blonder. Usually Autumn makes me want to go darker, but not this year. For some reason I think that my 34th year should begin a bit blonder. It's not a very drastic change, but I can always take it further later on...

Now, the man I'm dating (we've been out on two dates, traded countless emails and several fun phone calls) felt rather strongly about my staying more of a brunette. I explained that I needed to go blonde for my own sake. Change makes me happy. He's decided that as long as I continue to wear high heels, my glasses, and use my SAT vocabulary (properly, mind you) around him that he can deal. Bully for him.

By the way, I've been keepin' it real "high school" with this one... Trying something different. He says he likes to wait till the 6th date to know someone in the biblical sense. I think this is a fine idea and plan to make each subsequent date more and more difficult for him. We're going out again on Saturday, so send some sexy karma my way.

Lastly, do you find tonight's debate as painful as I do? Oy.

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