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September 09, 2004

baseball, fadeaways and more!

Hooookaaayyy... Just had my first post eaten by blogger. Now I get the frustration.

Tonight's first order of business is to send a very large juicy raspberry sound out to all you American League Baseball fans; to the Yankees fans, the Red Sox fans, and the Orioles (god bless your poor little hearts) fans. Eat it. The St. Louis Cardinals still have the best record in all of MLB. 93 wins, 46 losses.

The next item involves an article I found rather circuitously (New York Metro.com via Gothamist via Gawker) regarding a newish dating phenomenon called the fadeaway. While the article posits that this is a mostly male dominated activity, I definitely recognized myself in it. Ugh. Not proud. I'm making a promise to all future whiskypants date-ee's that I will be more forthcoming about the lack of chemistry thing.

Fortunately, I'm not dealing with a lack of chemistry right now. Mad props to you, Druid, you lovely man. Thanks for rocking my world four nights out of seven. Pleasepleaseplease don't be some sort of tortured soul. I'm soooo tired of those. And don't forget to take your vitamins.

Lastly, I'd appreciate any good health vibes you could send my way. Fekkin' ragweed.

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