Look, I'm not doing this for you, but for my own dark and twisted reasons. Oh, and because everyone else is doing it.


August 28, 2004

bow wow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay

It's hotter than the blazes. We've been spoiled with good weather for most of this August so today seems extra oppressive and really really unfair. Why does it always have to be so dang hot when I need to look nice? I'm trying something new to combat the heat though - I'm putting my bra in the freezer in the hopes that it keeps me cool a little bit longer. Maybe I ought to stick my undies in there too. Hmmmm... Be right back.

(thirty seconds passes)

So, The Bunny made baked stuffed mushrooms for me last night. Then, provocatively dangled the recipe in front of me and yanked it back before admitting that he had left out two ingredients on purpose so that I could not recreate the recipe. I have got to stop this ridiculous thing I have for crazy men. At least he was a gentleman and left the bottle of Lillet he brought along.

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