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August 25, 2004

blogging under the influence

Ohmigod this is funny - The GOP's schedule of events at their convention next week.

Onto less funny business... Since I'm relatively new to this business, I'm learning how frustrating blogging can be. In addition to learning that there are folks out there that actually plagiarize other peoples blogs, I've discovered the unpleasantness associated with unwanted comments.

It's my fault in part, as I directed an acquaintance to my blog without really understanding this person's sense of humor - and they obviously did not understand mine. Since then I've deleted their numerous comments, and finally today, sent an email requesting that they stop commenting on my blog. I hopeful that this person will comply, as I don't think they really meant any harm.

I imagine that there are folks out there that do comment with petty and malicious intentions. It's part of the deal when you put your words out in a public forum, as well as the fact that the world seems to have developed an effed up appreciation for schadenfreude.

Back to happy thoughts now... The Bunny is going to cook for me! No, not his lasagna, but baked mushrooms. Apparently, the lasagna is reserved for really really really special people. Since my specialness is rather vague and unestablished, I merit the baked stuffed mushrooms. Good thing I really like mushrooms. I have several decent bottles of wine that could go along too: 97 Cabernet Sauvignon, 01 Zinfandel, 01 Sangiovese, and a 02 Viognier. They're all from North Yuba out in CA - Renaissance Vineyard & Winery. Any suggestions?

I was thinking about making a peach cobbler for dessert. I wonder if I can find some good blackberries instead... Love good homemade cobblers. Which would Bunny prefer?

Well, my loves, the Ambien is taking effect so I better crawl over to the bed now. Sleep well!

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