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August 11, 2004

hurricane preparedness/dating tips for women

All rightey. For those of you living on the coast, I highly recommend girding yourselves for storm surges and lotsa rain. If you feel all anal about it, I refer you to FEMA's website for some truly helpful hints. If you're not so anal, at least stock up on some adult beverages that need not be refridgerated in order to be happily consumed. You might also think about batteries for your flashlights (or other battery operated items), candles (hey, they're not just for creating mood or airing out the bathroom), and food that doesn't need to be refridgerated or cooked (cuz, some of you WILL lose power for a while).

Now that we have that out of the way, let's move on to our main business item: dating tips for women.

You see, it has come to my attention that men aren't the only clueless ones out there. Yep, apparently the Alabama Slama finds herself at loss. While TAS was hanging out in the Far East last week she too belatedly found herself being macked on by a rather luscious male specimen. I don't have all the grisly details yet (and now that I've blogged this she will probably never spill) but suffice to say, said lovely specimen retreated after repeatedly hitting on her without her realizing it.

OK - so I really don't have any dating tips. Guess I need the grisly details before I can provide some constructive advice. Lemme study on it (by which I mean do a little homage to the wine muse) and get back to you.

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