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August 02, 2004

fie on thee!!!!!!

On behalf of my friend, The Multicultural Spitfire, I'd like to give an anti-shoutout to TMS's former boyfriend who will now be known as That Piece of Crap Living Across the Pond.
TPCLAP and TMS broke up in June as TPCLAP decided, after four years of hemming, hawing and wasting her time, that he did not want to make a lifelong commitment to her. Today, he informed her that he had met someone else...

Dudes (ok - and Chicas for that matter), after relationships lasting 2+ years, if you should like to display exceedingly poor breeding by informing your exes that you have moved on within 3 months of the breakup, well, a pox on your genitals.

And TMS, baby? English weather would've been hell on your hair. Something better is on it's way. Trust me.

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