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July 29, 2004

breakin' the law!

A Federal appeals court has upheld Alabama's new law against marital aids, arguing that the Constitution does not protect an individual's right to sexual privacy. 

Who's betting there's gonna be a run on those hand-held neck massagers you can get at Targets from Mobile to Tuscaloosa?  I'm sure glad the Alabama Slama is in Vietnam right now or she'd be cursing a blue streak at the legislators in her former home state. 

I wonder what the punishment would be for owning such sinful items?  It's a good thing the Slama no longer lives there, and I guess we won't be taking our "boyfriends" down to the Slama's family condo at Gulf Shores anytime soon. 

In related news, The Bunny continues to string me along quite mercilessly.   What's up with that?

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