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July 19, 2004

My very good friend - The Alabama Slama - is taking off for Vietnam on Thursday.  Yo, TAS, bring me back something pretty!  She brought me an incredibly lovely silk tapestry from her last visit to the Far East.   I think it's from Cambodia - which is apparently the home to something called Happy Pizza...  [Ed. note to TAS - please don't partake in this sort of activity as I fear getting you out of a Vietnamese prison might be rather impossible despite my odd connections.]
TAS is very brave - she tends to travel solo to the far ends of the world - mostly because the rest of us don't relish the idea of 24 hour flights or tromping through jungles.  I've offered to accompany her next year on a whisky tasting tour of Scotland... She has counter-offered a trip to Bolivia because yo hablo la lengua.  I'm holding out for Scotland as I fear my reaction to the water in Bolivia.  [Dude - trust me on this one, TAS.]  
Also, I want to see if my favorite joke about the Scottish will fly over there.   

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