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July 17, 2004

muesli vs. words

While egging The Bunny on is one of my current favorite things to do, I'm thinking that my bravada has gotten the better of me and offended Bunny's sensibilities.
Looking at the facts (well, as factual as one may get on one's blog - which may not actually be factual at all - you never know), Bunny clearly has the advantage where late-night living is concerned.  He frequents his local, well, frequently, and has provided us with many hilarious postings about his yucca-soaked evenings in Naptown.  
As my friends are aware, my tolerance for adult beverages is pretty standard among chicks who might have a glass of wine each night.  And CPB has been a excellent student of the whiskypants school of drinking, the main rule of which is to drink a glass of water for each potent potable.   CPB thinks I'm rather amusing when tipsy, so at least Bunnykins has that to look forward to.
In any case - I'm the first person to admit when I am wrong.  If this means I'll be having my words for breakfast tomorrow instead of muesli, you'll all be the first to know!
And Bunny?  Bring it.

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