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July 25, 2004

children of the corn

It's been unseasonably cool out here in the heartland - I was ready to trade in my hard lemonades and fuzzy navel wine coolers (so high school!!!) last night for some whisky to help keep me warm...

Bad news first:  I did not find any cute male relatives to snog.

Good news:  most of my extended (and previously unknown to me) family are good people.  They drink hard, play hard, are damn funny and I will therefore claim them. 

Of course, one never gets through a family reunion without some sort of drama.  One of my mom's sisters had one of those senior hostile moments where she got all bunjed about our celebrating the birthday of an elderly sweet lady at the reunion.  Another one of her sisters, upon my greeting her, said to me in this incredulous voice, "What have you done to your hair?!?!?"  I had just gotten it colored the day before - and Desi has hosen a very sassy brunette tone for me with auburn highlights.  I like it.  This particular aunt feels the only good color on a woman is blonde which is why my really strange cousin has a head of fried-out bleach blonde hair.  Lord, she looked awful.  My reaction to this inappropriate question was to laugh very hard and say, "well, I checked in with my male friends and their answer to the 'blonde or blonder' question was a unanimous 'darker'... 

Completely uninteresting information to most of you - my grandmother's side came over on the freaking Mayflower.  I had no idea.  And apparently I am eligible for DAR membership.  Does anyone know if this DAR is just a bunch of crap or is seeking membership worthy of consideration?

More when I get back to DC on Tuesday night... 

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