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August 04, 2004

tipsy ramblings

So, last night the whisky muse hit me hard. So hard I couldn't sleep. Tonight, we've let the red wine muse out of the bottle in the hopes that she might be rectify (The Bunny would be giggling that I used that word) my insomnia. So far, so good. I'm kinda sleepy. I don't understand why scotch and wine take such different effects.

First - let's all send shinyfunhappy health vibes over to CamillaParkerBowles. Let's send her some good sex vibes too. For good measure send me some too. Good sex vibes all around! (Was the double entendre good for you, Bunnykins?)

Second - Let's all concentrate very hard and send some serious shrinkage/erectile dysfunction vibes to TPCLAP (Multicultural Spitfire's poorly bred ex). If that bastard has moved on, I'd like to make sure he and his new gf are unfulfilled.

In regard to Bunny, I believe that we will be meeting up on Monday at my neighborhood Scottish bar so that he can get his Belhaven fix. He has yet to tell me how he will be compensating me for my fantastic research skills... I will expect something much finer than a shiny quarter.

Oh - forgot to tell you all about this hilarious t-shirt I saw on the metro yesterday:
"Miso Knotty" - I nearly laughed out loud and you know what a public transportation faux pas that would have been...

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