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August 30, 2004

okay - let's see if writing about it helps

It's such an effing cliche; having problems with your mother...

I have an excellent relationship with my family, and am especially close to my mom. I brag about this relationship to my friends. It's that good. So, when she's something completely hurtful and stupid, I just don't know what to do. These moments are extremely rare and might account for my feeling pretty damn awful the past two days.

Without going into details in this public forum, my girlfriends were pretty shocked by what my mom said to me. Including the one that knows her. One friend asked, "Did you hang up on her?!?" I didn't. I was struck dumb by my mom's words. It sent me into a funk that continues tonight. I never EVER cry - I hate crying - it's a sign of weakness and makes my eyes all red and itchy and sooo unattractive. And I've built up a pretty thick skin working with Congress. Yesterday I let loose the floodworks. I disagree that crying makes you feel better; it definitely makes you feel worse.

She called yesterday and half-way apologized. While she says that she worried she had hurt me, she didn't admit being to a total bonehead. Unfortunately, I think her own issues won't really ever enable her to understand how wrong she is. Irritating.

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