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March 13, 2005

tuesday's child is full of grace

Whoever came up with the poem that included the line I've used in my title is full of crap.

I've had the clumsiest weekend. It started on Thursday night. As I was bidding adieu to the Man O' Leisure (who would like it to be known that his handle should NOW be the International Man O' Leisure) and The Fraulein outside of Local 16, I managed to pop The Fraulein in the nose. I only had 2 drinks, and had eaten beforehand.

Yesterday, I was shaving in the shower and slipped. Hard. As in extensive bruising on my hip and back HARD. As in it hurts to cough HARD.

The clutz factor could be explained in a couple different ways. First of all, my sinuses have been creating a special hell for me lately and are affecting my inner ear. Secondly, my shower floor was a bit slick because I've been using this awesome Oil of Olay in shower body conditioner. I've never slipped while shaving before - and generally have fairly good balance.

But bad things happen in threes, and now I'm a little worried about leaving the house. Pray for me. If you live nearby or see my regularly, you might want to pray for you too.

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