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October 07, 2004

school nights and getting older

I turned 34 yesterday. All day long at work (one of our energetic admin's keeps track of all our b-days and takes care of cards and such - which is nice) my colleagues asked me how I would be celebrating. They expected me to go out and tie one on or something. I'm 34, not 24. Plus, I find hangovers quite debilitating.

Some of my friends and readers are serious champs (The Brooklyn Freckler, The Alabama Slama, Bunny - you are my heroes) about going out on school nights. All I needed were copious amounts of sushi and sake (thanks to CamillaParkerBowles and her Bonny Prince Charlie), I was home around 9:30, and this pleased me mightily.

Tonight I'm home, the Cardinals are up by two, I have two warm white chocolate chip cookies and am still content.

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