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March 28, 2005

just don't call me "half-pint"

The really funny thing about my horoscope is the fact that I called my sister very excitedly on Saturday night (I don't have to go out every weekend night, yo) upon discovering that Disney was redoing Little House on the Prairie. She went all old-school on me, but I'm holding out hope (against hope) that this version will stick to the original book (and be less preachy - but check out the new Charles! Hoo-boy!).

From Nerve:

Libra (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) You have something in common with the bad guys from Little House on the Prairie this week. You start the week irritated with people you sleep with, only later, through the kindness of Laura, her kindly mom and the Highway to Heaven guy, you find out that the problem is you're missing something. It isn't that you just like being mean to settlers or stealing horses — you just need love and understanding. Around Wednesday you'll be rewarded for your sniffling, teary requests for forgiveness. Just don't take said forgiveness as a permit to be an asshat once again on Friday.

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