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March 22, 2005

not getting fired = not utilizing prime blogging inspiration

During the work day I'm able to think of at least half a dozen subjects to flesh out en blog. Then I get home to find the fount of inspiration completely dried out. Or, that my ideas really pale between the time I depart work and arrive home.

For instance, there are a couple telenovelas I've become obsessed with. The first one was Betty La Fea (Betty the Ugly). I adored it. I'd tape it and then watch it on mute so that I could read along with the closed captioning (the Colombian accent was hard to follow). Now I'm into Mi Gorda Bella (My Fat Beauty). They're absurd, the acting is outta control, and hardly anyone has their real boobs. And they kill me. I watch under the auspices of keeping my Spanish skills somewhat fresh. Whatever. I think we all know that they appeal to my inner reina de dramatica. (And yes, I know there's an accent in there but I have no idea how to insert one in this format.)

See, in retrospect, you really didn't want to know about that. Did you?

I'm sorry to have wasted your time. Instead, go read this. Number 8 is the best!

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