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April 22, 2005


The Silver Fox has been very productive recently... writing about stuff that would make for fun pub conversation.

But this post demonstrates the subtle (okay, maybe not so subtle) differences between Mars and Venus. What have I got in my pocketses? Um. Well, often I lack pocketses. You see, pants pockets are a whole different thing in ladies fashion. If they exist at all, they're rather small and if you try to stuff them full of stuff, then you look kinda bulgey. While being bulgey can be a good thing for guys, it's generally frowned upon for chicks. At least in the stomach, hip and rear sections.

So, what do I usually have in my pocketses?

During the work week: at the most, my metro SmarTrip card. My badge hangs off a little retractable lanyard. If I'm wearing a suit jacket, then I have room for lip gloss and kleenex. Again, I try to avoid the bulgey.

On the weekends: a little money, id, lipstick.

Now, if the question was "what has it gots in its handbags?" I'd be posting till Sunday afternoon. There's a lot of crap in there right now: a book, a new smackberry, bills/receipts/shoe coupon for Bloomingdales shoe sale, Laura Mercier pressed powder compact, a Laura Mercier pink lip gloss, a red-tinted Burt' Bee's chapstick, wallet, checkbook, a little notepad for my musings/books I need to buy/grocery list, Altoids tin that's currently carrying five aspirin, eyedrops, contact lens case, a box of bandaids...

I like to be prepared.

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