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April 03, 2005

scottish kegel exercises, the strand, shoes and spamalot

Just back from a quick trip to NYC and, good lord, am I beat.

The trip was taken to accomplish two goals: to celebrate the Alabama Slama's b-day (belatedly) and to see Spamalot. As usual, it was so much more.

The highlight of the trip took place on Saturday evening. The Freckler, The Slama, and I repaired to the St. Andrew's pub about two blocks away from the Shubert Theatre to enjoy a few wee drams. It so happens that Tartan week has kicked off in NYC, so the pub was particularly lively. We were treated to a vigorous demonstration of Scottish Kegel exercises by some young Scots-American lads. These boys were gifted, I tell you. Or so drunk that they could no longer feel anything below the waist. Either way, some sort of record was surely set in the field of pelvic thrusting.

I was finally made acquainted with the miracle that is The Strand. Purchased books include Welty's The Optimist's Daughter, Medina's The Cigar Roller (bought a reviewer's copy for half the list price!) and Russo's The Whore's Child. Borrowed titles include Ha Jin's War Trash, Lahiri's The Namesake, Niefenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife, and Stone's The Agony and the Ecstasy. On top of those, I've just started both Docx's The Calligrapher (which incorporates a lot of poetry of John Donne) and Seth's A Suitable Boy. Who needs dating? I've got books!

Lastly, I now have a new pair of completely frivolous shoes. I was displeased about not being able to find a pair in the exact shade of desired green (not the yellow-limey shade that is so popular, but a green with a little more blue in it), but they are open-toed and absurdly high. I'd post a link, but can't find one right now. Argh.

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