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May 12, 2005


Hanging out with The Alabama Slama is putting a dent in my creative juices. But we're having fun and learning things.

For example: Helix Lounge has free champagne for their guests from 5 pm to 6 pm on Thursday nights. TAS has NEVER liked oreos, and she is allergic to beer. My inner child is aghast at the former and my inner St. Louisian is apoplectic at the latter.

If you've never been to Helix (it's one of the Kimpton Group hotels and pretty cute - I have always liked the Hotel Rouge), it's a great spot for outdoor (albeit overpriced) drinks. More of an early/happy hour place. We had absolutely perfect weather tonight, and the free champagne and $7 oreo martini's were the proverbial icing.

Now, give your inner geek a little elbow room and go here. The Silver Fox pointed me there last week and I'm hooked. Very well-written and funny. This is my favorite post so far.

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