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September 18, 2005

damn good haircut

My DC stylist, Kelly, is quite the haircut wunderkind. He looks like your typical 20-something hipster-slacker, but the boy is quite a talent (as well as hot, single and straight). Kelly has been doing my hair since the late 1990's when he was at the Bubbles salon near the US Senate office buildings. I followed him to a couple other places as his reputation and prices grew, but finally stopped going to him when my salary couldn't quite support his well-deserved prices.

Fortunately, things have improved for me and I can now benefit from his artistry again. You know you have a great haircut when you don't have to style it with a hairdryer... He's opened his own shop with a partner and it is a very modern and unfussy space. The shop opened its doors today to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, so I was there at opening (which was painful). 100% of the shop's services went to support the American Red Cross's activities and they just had me make out my check directly to the Red Cross (a well-spent $75, if you care to ask). Then they handed me a little goodie bag with samples!

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