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September 20, 2005

i want my mommy

Hurricane Rita is expected to hit Category 4 around 2 pm tomorrow. There really is no rest for the weary (and I haven't had time or energy to be wicked, people). I'm utterly despondent.

This is, yet, just another reason to hate Summer; it is hurricane season. I long for those cool crisp Autumn days... the smell of burning leaves and getting to wear my cashmere sweaters... so many more good hair days... not having to worry about whether there's enough ice in the gulf or having to funnel some of the most absurd (and predatory) attempts to make a buck through naive congressional staffers (for example, the bank that would like to offer free checking to displaced persons - this one just made me want to cry). Also, my air conditioning is on the fritz.

Seriously, folks. I haven't had an entire weekend off since the end of August, and things are going to get really ugly if this storm hits the coast at full force on Saturday. I'm thinking of importing my mother (hell, I'll take anybody's mother at this point) to come and take care of me. I haven't been able to hit a dry cleaners or think about heating up anything other than a Lean Cuisine since this crap started. It doesn't matter that I'm nearly 35, right?

[I need you, mommy!]

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