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September 28, 2005

the people in your neighborhood

People are fascinating, frustrating and wonderful.

On my way to work on Monday, I saw a man going through one of those blue recycling bins on 8th Street, SE. In full view of all passerby, this guy was going through somebody's discarded mail. This is how identity theft happens, dear readers (all five of you). Get thyselves a shredder, stat. One of those cross-cutting shredders...

Then, there is the patron saint of Eastern Market Metro stop. The weekday morning station manager is sometimes the brightest part of my day. He stands outside of his booth and greets the neighbors cheerfully as they come through his turnstiles. I've never seen any other DC transit official actually behave as if they were a part of the neighborhood. He remembers faces, never has a bad day... It is as if he has made it his mission to brighten every person's day. I just love him.

As a result of this post from Shards, I even sent a note to WMATA.

Two very different people separated by mere city blocks. Weird.

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