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October 17, 2004

tra la la la la la la!

Just got back from a lovely evening with The Maestro. Our birthdays are a week apart, so we had some dinner, some wine, watched The Wire on HBO and messed around. Best. Birthday. Ever.

I've been drawn into the ongoing drama that is the Red Sox, thanks to The Bunny and Foxy. They're tied with the Yanks right now and it's a nailbiter! Seriously, every Red Sox fan at that game is on the edge of their seat and chewing their fingers into little bloody nubs. My stomach is in knots. I'm at the point where I'm more excited about what happens to Boston than to the Cardinals, and that's so not right.

On a whole 'nother note... Online dating continues to be a very quirky thing that fills me with mirth and occasional bile. Today, this fuckwit that I went out with last November sent me a message via the online dating service. The subject line read, "we never" and the body of the message read, "DID MEET DID WE?" This shining example of excrement took me out on a date, was all over me, followed up nicely via email, and then flaked on the second date. On top of that, we had an aquaintance in common (and had discussed said aquaintance in conjunction with his love for martial arts) and she had gone as far to warn me about this guy having some "issues".

So, here's another cardinal rule for all singletons out there:

3. Don't be an ass-hat. If you're such a whore that you can't recall who you've molested month to month then f*$#ing keep records of who you gone out with. Sheeze.

Finally, I've been trying to come up with a name for our friend who has recently returned to the area. He's a man of leisure at the moment. Says he's kinda half-assed looking for a job and has been concentrating mostly on going to the gym and being social. Dude, you are living the life I've always wanted. If you weren't such a great guy I'd so totally hate you. Perhaps "Man o' Leisure" and MoL for short? Sister of whiskypants recommended juxtaposing ramen noodles with Man o' Leisure since said friend has figured out that he could live rather comfortably for at least a couple years, sans employment, on one decent meal a day and ramen noodles: Ramen Leisure. I think this sounds like a disease.

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