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October 17, 2004

you can live life to the fullest as long as you don't actually talk about it

The Multicultural Spitfire does the best Molly Ringwald (the dance, a la The Breakfast Club) of anyone I know. She hauled it out last night to our delight at the Black Cat's anti-prom. I'd had a couple drinks in me by this point, and was able to keep a beat while not looking completely self-conscious. But TMS totally bailed on me when they played Smokin' in the Boy's Rooom as the last song!

The Fraulein may have had a little luck last night - her aesthetician was there - I've had my hair done by this slacker god too but never hit on him since he's a bit younger. Hope you had fun!

We brought along an old friend of mine who has recently moved back to the area. I haven't determined a suitable nickname for him yet... Anyway, he was game to hang out with three chicks and listen to us dish about men. He asserts that I've lowered the bar too much; my cut off should not be the lack of gas during romantic moments (as opposed to my recent foray with The Fartful Dodger). But that's not the only cut off! I have also drawn the line at the ones that use really tired cliches, such as "I pretty much live life to the fullest."

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