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November 10, 2004

on the eve of the return of the whisky muse...

The Brooklyn Freckler, my hostess for Thursday night and my shopping/glamour hero, is taking me to a show tomorrow night! We're going to see 'Night Mother. Not exactly a shinyhappy play, but a very good one. She has also promised a sip of some 17 year old Glengoyne. Gentle readers, the whisky muse (she's been on hiatus while the sinus dominatrix has been kicking my ass) is back! Let's hope this makes for better reading. I mean, Shrek 2 is great and all, but why the hell should you have to read about that crap here? Seriously. I'm embarrassed.

On Friday, The Alabama Slama (the IDEAL travel companion and knower of odd yet useful facts) and I plan some of the usual shoe-shopping/latte-drinking/cheap-manicure-obtaining frolicking. We may meet a common former DC aquaintance for drinks and then go catch the Bridget Jones Edge of Reason flick. All I know is I need some new black boots. I've destroyed both pairs currently in my possession.

Now my mode of transportation to NYC is rather sketchy. I'm taking one of the Chinatown shuttle buses. This could be a rilly bad idea. But it is a rilly cheap bad idea at $35 round trip. Which means more $ for boots and booze! Yay!!!!!!!!! I'll have my iPod and an old copy of Naked Lunch - if those two things cannot drown out or scare off people, I'll be damned.

Oh, and I've had a lovely addition to the iPod. The gentleman who accompanied me on the infamous robbery date sent me a mix cd before he took off for two weeks in Italy. (Yes - we did have a very nice and drama-free 2nd date.) Stuff like Blue by the Jayhawks, Christopher Walken reading Good Night Moon, and Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song by David Wilcox. Very exciting stuff that does not make me feel all anti-establishmentistic before work (since I'm usually plugged in during my commute). Oh, and he's been keeping me amused with tales of his travels in Italy via email. We might need a nickname for this one. A nice one! I've already warned him about my recent experience with His Flatulence. The fact that he's sent me a mix cd and is emailing me from Italy after learning that I will make an example out of poor dating behavior is very VERY promising.

So, send happy transportation vibes, happy whisky vibes and happy shoe bargain vibes!

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