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October 31, 2004

once more into the breach!

Oh god. Went out with MoL, The Fraulein, and the Multicultural Spitfire last night. MoL cooked Thai - some red curry. It was great. None of it appeared to come out of a Ragu jar or can of Progresso soup. If any of my female friends out there care, MoL is single, well-educated, knows how to dress and is straight. He can also cook. And to my knowledge does not have a gas problem.

However, the mixture of vanilla vodka, red wine, and beer was a rather toxic combination for my digestive system. When my landlords offered me a glass of wine while we were handing out candy tonight, I got all woozy.

I think I got hit on at Saint Ex. I was really tired at that point and kinda blew the poor chap off. He was kind enough to remove the toilet paper from the bottom of my shoe. The Fraulein and TMS went as cheerleaders and they were (deserving) recipients of healthy male attention. MoL went as Adam Ant. It was HOT. I went as my 15 year old self. It was NOT hot. But it was funny.

And I think I have another date tomorrow night with the guy I was with when I got robbed last week. Hopefully no drama will ensue.

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