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October 25, 2004

freaking hindsight

Once upon a time, I had a Frankie Say Relax t shirt. It came down to my knees. Where this t shirt went I haven't the faintest. All I know is that I haven't seen it since my junior or senior year of high school. This seems odd - surely I would have kept it around to sleep in or something.

I don't recall Sister of Whiskypants stealing it, and the Momster does not recall (shocker) giving it away...

The Momster also does not recall the existence of any of those little pins that I'd wear on my jean jacket back when I was in 7th grade. I mean my Police pin, my many Duran Duran pins...

This is all very mysterious and troubling. You see, I've decided to dress as my teenaged self for Halloween. I believe the absurdity of the idea will be lessened by drinking, though. And by the wearing of much lavender eyeshadow and lipsmackers. I might need a few in me in order to peg my jeans, but I did manage to locate a Duran Duranesque hat.

The Multicultural Spitfire has dreamed of being (as opposed to dressing as) Siouxsie Sioux, and she might just realize her dream this weekend. We're gonna hit the costume shop tomorrow, and I might need to hit a teenybopper accessory store for the requisite black rubber bracelets and awful 80's jewelry. I have no idea where to go look for a proper 80's t-shirt. I either need a Rio tee, a Frankie tee, or a Culture Club tee... My Thompson Twins tee is in the possession of my sister and it is nearly threadbare. (I'm in awe of how much money I could have made off my 80's threads if it all had not been given away... I had a serious Esprit habit back then.)

Our friend, MoL, has offered to make us dinner (Thai - which I hope does not come from a Progresso soup can/bottle of Ragu) and he lives just up the street from the Black Cat, where we hope to not make total asses of ourselves at their Brit pop/costume thingy. No news yet on the Fraulein's attire... But I think the MoL should consider going as Adam Ant.

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