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May 22, 2005

alcohol - water + greasy pizza + noisy neighbors of the bunny = a wasted sunday

Last night, I repaired to Naptown for some outside-the-beltway frolicking. Each weekend, The Bunny's neighbors and friends get together for some bbqing and beers. They're all very friendly and fun, and they live on this wonderful historic block of Annapolis, mere yards from the water. I think the street was established in 1696 or something crazy.

The Bunny made some chicken curry - it was pretty impressive for his first time.

Generally, I'm pretty conscientious about having a glass of water for each adult beverage consumed. Last night, I completely neglected to keep to the rule of hydration. After making a couple new friends at Castlebay, we went back to The Bun's and ordered pizza. Ouch. Then the Bunny's neighbor's decided to stay up till about 5 am. Ouchier.

I had every intention of not napping today. I got home, discovered How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on PBS (which was adorable), took a scalding hot shower and settled in with The Cigar Roller. And then I fell asleep.

Oh - and in case the new Naptown friends are reading, The Shakespeare Theatre is outstanding. TMS and I saw The Tempest there a few weeks ago. DC is a great town for theatre, and I'm not referring to the tragi-comedy playing out in the Senate right now.

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