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February 22, 2006

still recovering

I'm both exhausted and jonesing for more time with my nephew and niece. Both were adorable this past weekend. The Neph kept me awake at night (I slept in his trundle bed for two of the three nights - and he kept throwing his hand over the side and swatting me to make sure I was there, which was endearing and irritating all at the same time) and the Niece got me up early and kept me busy all day long. I hated to put her down or walk away from her. She's beautiful, willful and sweet. While watching teletubbies or playing with her little dollhouse (an extremely cute thing my mom picked up for her at Pottery Barn over Christmas), she would occasionally crawl up into my lap to get a hug. When her hair is wet, it lands more than halfway down her back. Which is insane on an 11 month old.

I told my brother-in-law that I would only be able to mate with an attractive Mexican so that I can be sure to have children as beautiful as his. Sometimes, I think I might want one of my own despite my fear of pain and morning sickness. He got all excited about that as he has particular ideas about how people should live (meaning, they should all get married and procreate - must be the latent catholic in him). I also explained to him that I was taking a break from dating (right after I meet this one last guy - seriously). He was disappointed about the lack of funny stories, but understands that there's no point if I'm not having fun.

My mom has been making the most gorgeous curtains and drapes for the new house. On Saturday, we went to the fabric shop to pick out the materials for the dining room window coverings and walked out with some fabric for me as well. Over the weekend, mamasan whipped up a curtain for my front door, two matching pillows with fringe and a lovely roll pillow out of the gorgeous fabric we picked out for the dining rooms cornices. The curtain is a little short, but I'm going to try lowering the rod and adding a fringe to make it work. We also recovered the seat of my desk chair (which had not been updated since high school). The place looks a little more put together.

Dad is doing well - playing golf at least twice a week since the weather has been mild. He did my taxes for me, cooked a couple wonderful meals, and explained sudoku. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, and I count the days till I can see them all again. Posted by Picasa

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