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January 31, 2006

channel surfing during sotu

I've struck upon the ideal way to watch the State of the Union: not watching it. Instead, I'm watching Alborada and keeping up with wonkette during the commercials. Some gems:

9:18 PM "but some men rage and fight against freedom." to them i say, welcome to the us department of justice

9:21 PM we're on the offensive in iraq with a clear plan for victory"... in iran. Ha ha.

And this bit about the Patriot Act:

9:34 PM "Based on the authority given to me by Congress and by statute." Right. When is someone going to point out that the post 9/11 act is like the clown car of presidential authority? All these rights keep pouring out. I expect him to hit me with a pie soon.

Good stuff.

The DCeiver has also provided a fun version. Well, the first couple paragraphs are pretty funny, but then it gets a little old.

I'd have given my eyeteeth to see a picture in picture running commentary from the Daily Show on SOTU. That would be so unbelievably best! Maybe next year.

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