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December 20, 2005

blogging under the influence again

Twas still several nights before Christmas when all through the studio,
The bags were all packed and I was singing Feliz Navidad by Julio.

The clean laundry was folded and stuffed into an armoire with great force,
In the hopes that it would stay put at least till I had left the city.

The dust-bunnies were all nestled in a giant heap under my sofa,
Bringing soft comfort to other small creatures that I like to think don't also live here.

Me in my pyjamas with hair looking quite simply frightening,
Had logged into blogger to convey my gladdest tidings.

And I had just really gotten going when all of a sudden
I realized that the Lunesta - control over my brain it had taken!

(Finally. It didn't work at all last night.)

In short, I will be springing to my bed instead of from for some much needed shut-eye. Santa doesn't need me to micromanage his process. Hey, I wonder if he'd like a job at FEMA.

To my wonderful friends - I hope your holidays are quite merry, and to see you safe and successful this New Year.

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