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December 14, 2005

seven more nights and then they're mine

Sometimes I feel like the only reason I work is so I can afford plane tickets home to see my family - especially my niece and nephew. I feel I've done due dilligence in obtaining the role of favorite aunt, but my work is never done.

This year, Supreme Nephew is getting exactly what he asked for and much much more!!! Per his very sweet request, I hit the National Air and Space Museum and picked out some truly kick-ass space toys for his enjoyment. And I've even located some cute things for his birthday, which falls on January 7th.

Divine Niece is getting an adorable Baby Einstein toy and two fabulous baby outfits from Nordstrom. She's 8 months and weighing in at 20 lbs - her mom says that she's looking like stuffed sausage in most of her outfits. I call home daily just to talk to her. What moron calls infants on the phone? This moron. Sometime she babbles back at me, which makes my day.

I'm also really excited about the gifts I've picked out for my mom, dad, sister and brother in law - I live for the moment when they open the gifts and I find out that I did a good job and really pleased them. But really, I just can't wait to get home to them all. It will really feel like Christmas then, and I get to focus on them instead of the soul-suckery that has been my work-life since September 1st. I want to wake up to my funny nephew and his excitement at having me at his beck and call. I want to carry my niece around everywhere and just love them both as much as can be! I want to make them breakfast, sit with them while they play, discuss why Sponge Bob is totally the best, read books to them, make cookies with them, buy them gifts when I'm not supposed to, prevent them from being picked on, and to know just how insanely in love with them I really am. I want to hug and kiss on my mom and dad every day, and try to make their lives easier for a few days by running their errands and keep the kids busy. I want to help my sister and brother in law as well, and I'd love to be able to get some quality time with my sister, since I'm crazy about her.

And even though this means I'm bound to return to DC suffering from exhaustion, the manic amount of running around and care is rather soul-healing, and our love for each other keeps me going. Posted by Picasa

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