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November 14, 2005

weekend whirlwind

Damn, I'm tired. Once again, TAS ran my ass nearly into the ground. That girl is just amazing.

It was a fantastic weekend. Beautifying, cultured, literary, drunken, silly, and, once again, literary.

Upon arrival, we rushed up to Bergdorf's so that TAS could get a haircut, and I stopped off at the Laura Mercier counter for a little touch-up. The makeup artist took one look at me and decided a touch-up wasn't going to be enough, so she made me beautiful instead. Then we headed up to the designer shoe section where I had never seen so many Manolos in one room. It was pretty close to heaven.

We then went to see one of TAS's friends sing, and went out for dinner afterwards, where I got to meet the author of one of my favorite books, My Lurid Past. She was damn funny, and now I'm gonna have to go out and get Jane Austen's Guide to Dating as well. (Why didn't I remember to pick that up at Strand on Sunday???)

Saturday was consumed by a charity event. A pub crawl for charity. Saying "charity event" makes it seem more dignified. Anyway. I tried very hard to pace myself, but it was rough. TAS brought along a fun colleague, and she called her two brothers to meet us out later as well. They were quite flirty, but not our types. (At one point, the elder brother - who must have been quite in his cups at this point - turned to his bartender buddy, pointed at me, and said, "This one is coming home with me later." I thought he was joking and laughed heartily. Turns out he wasn't. Eek.) We were meeting up with the Freckler later that night, and were able to get one more drink down the hatch before deciding we were thoroughly done.

Sunday was spent checking out the Union Square DSW (their selection is unbelievable), Strand books (finally picked up Kite Runner), etc...

This time, I took Greyhound/Peter Pan. It was clean, quick, and not smelly. If you have an ample backside, the trick is to pick a seat next to a very small person. Trust me on this.

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