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October 23, 2005

girly weekend

I spent last night hunkered down in front of a Colin Firth movie with wine, cookies, cake, home-made chili and two amiguitas - TMS and (oh - this one needs a handle... let's see... she is quite the collector of fashion but she's more than just a shopper... we'll call her...) The Pittsburgher.

TB made chili and was even gracious enough to send some home with me. It's a damn good thing I live alone, people.

Also, I have a note for commenters - if I don't recognize a commenter, and feel their comment is not appropriate (in addition to spam, I do get random weird comments), I will delete your comments and block your ISP. Yeah, it's public out here on the internets and all, but this is my blog and I'm a damn arbitrary and capricious bitch. Then again, if I have blocked you by accident (totally sorry about that), feel free to email me.

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