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October 18, 2005

no longer a fan of target

A Target store pharmacist in Fenton, Missouri (for the record, I recall it as a rather rednecky part of Eastern Missouri, which explains a lot) has refused to fill a woman's prescription for birth control pills. Evidently, Planned Parenthood has tried to verify Target's policy regarding "pharmacists' refusal to fill valid, legal prescriptions for birth control, including emergency contraception" several times now without success. Who wants to bet that this same pharmacist fills Viagra prescriptions without blinking?

So, I've done my civic duty by signing onto Planned Parenthood's petition and have sent it along to my mom and sister so that they can too. If you're similarly outraged, please consider clicking the link above and doing the same. In fact, I'd consider contacting all those famous designers who make less expensive lines for Target and letting them know that you won't be buying either their high or low end lines if they continue working with such an antiquated company.

As much as it would hurt, because I love Target, I think it would be more effective to boycott the chain till they established a national policy of NOT refusing to fill birth control and emergency contraception prescriptions. This is a huge national chain, and yet they seem to be caving in to a small-minded, reactionistic and reckless group of people seeking to end a woman's right to reproductive freedom. Also, fwiw, the pill is used for more than just one of the most reliable means of contraception - it helps to even out hormones in a way that lessens pain, cramping, pms, and acne.

Once Target develops a satisfactory policy, I will frequent their stores again. Until then, no cheap-ass Isaac Mizrahi for this chiquita.

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