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November 03, 2005

the church ladies

For years, my family had been C&E (Christmas and Easter) people. I mean, we were active members of a liberal church as a young family, and made it through confirmation classes, the potlucks and volleyball games. Then, my sister and I went away to school, dad got lymphoma and became mistrustful of crowded places, and we all tired of the church ladies. You know the ones - they're judgemental, petty and gossipy - pretty much the opposite of what Christ imagined.

While at college I encountered the early part of the conservative christian movement, but I was way more interested in my sorority parties than Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Then, here in DC, I was introduced to folks who attend those repellant reactionary mega churches out in the suburbs. More than anything, I was struck by how unchristlike the majority of those people were. This post from Waiterant really kind of helps explain how ugly the conservative movement can be - how twisted their message is...

So, now, I sometimes go to hear a friend (TMS) sing at her church. And I would consider going back if I had children and found a neighborhoody place... I hear the Episcopalians have a pub in their basement, which sounds like my sort of church.

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