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October 27, 2005

brief blogging break

I will be taking off for several days in order to entertain my nephew and niece while my family moves. In retrospect, I really should have been trying to tone down the profanity this past week. Give the nephew an inch on these things and he'll drop the mother of all F bombs. In front of his parents. While peering at me out of the corners of his naughty little eyes. And this is the child who feared opening the Halloween card from "Aunt Scarypants".

The prospect of having a voracious 7 month old (seriously, according to her mother, the 9 month old sized clothing makes her look like a stuffed sausage) and a very busy 5 year old as my constant responsibility without having internet access until I return is making me a little twitchy. "Have xanax, will travel", as some like to say...

This will be the first Halloween that I've been able to spend with my nephew, and I am looking forward to stealing his candy. It's only fair. His mother used to steal mine.

In the vein of the holiday, something festive to read about (via Gawker). If you prefer inspirational material instead...

Or, if you need something totally pointless (and you know that you do), click here! (via Waiterrant)

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