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February 06, 2006

i need a personal reset button

First I go through a few weeks of not feeling well, and now a sinus infection. This is so not right.

At least work has been interesting. Also, to bolster my self-esteem, I signed up for match.com. I get tons of messages from seemingly normal guys, and some from really not-so-normal guys. Match allows you to send back immediate polite little thank-yous where you can click little boxes (such as age, distance, attraction, lifestyle, values, etc...) to let these guys know why you won't be responding. After going out with three rather nice but non-descript fellows the past month, that didn't go anywhere except 'splat' on the sidewalk, I must admit that I enjoy the "neg".

Don't get all pious on me. Some of these guys are really nasty and their missives so full of crap that the fully explained "neg" (checking all the damn boxes) is fully deserved.

Anyways, I've been completely captivated by another blog recently - this one is located in Richmond. La Guera Loca is actually living a telenovela. It is better than most telenovelas.

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