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February 14, 2006

this time i almost mean it

Every so often I decide that I'm tired of online dating and swear that I'm going to take a break. A week later, I'll be out on a date.

But I'm tired. It just isn't as fun anymore. I've fallen on my ass, been embarrassed by my date's grammar, and encountered guys with way more issues that I can manage. I need a rest and a chance to improve my attitude. Maybe take a class, get to know my friends again, actually spend time on work when I am at work instead of emailing these internet wannabe lotharios. So, that's it. I've shut down my online dating profile.

Except (you knew this was coming, right?), I've agreed to go out with one last lothario; another transplanted Midwesterner who has made it here via NYC. Nothing good will come of this. I talked with him tonight and he is just as jaded about this process as I am. My plan is to go visit the fam this weekend and come back ready for some adult debauchery. I'll get him good and drunk and we'll all just hope for the best (which, at this point, would be some nooky). Please send me some nooky karma.

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