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May 31, 2006

and the number one thing you never want to hear in a public place is...

... "You look sexy in that, mom!"

El Sobrino Supremo has heard his daddy tell his mama that she looks sexy many a time. But to hear a six year old relay this to his mother in a Target store out in suburban St. Louis is still - how to put this - discombobulating. We're pretty sure he has no idea what "sexy" means.

I miss them, but I also missed sleeping in my own bed. The Neph shares his room with me when I visit as he has a trundle bed. A trundle bed made for children. Also, he likes to giggle late into the night and fall off his bed into the trundle with me. Which is not conducive to sleep. Trust me.

Him: "Your mattress is a lot softer. I don't know if I can sleep in my bed."
Me: "Wanna trade, buddy? I don't mind."
Him: (no response since I didn't fall for his careful ruse to cuddle up with me)

The Neph is still a cuddler. Unfortunately, he's not a quiet cuddler. He twists and turns like an alligator sinking its prey. He'll take you down the unhappy road to Insomnia if you'll let him. The offer was appreciated as it was obvs well-intentioned, but 35 year olds need their beauty sleep something fierce.

Supreme Niece was supremely cute funny. I wish I could post soundbites. Her hair is more than halfway down her back and she is only 14 months old. Insanity!

Now for my most recent disappointing horoscope - I'm thinking this means I'm not getting any this week:

Libra (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) You'll set boundaries for yourself this week. No arbitrary Jackson Pollock are you, letting paint pile up to whatever height while allowing all sorts of nails and pennies to get mixed in. You'll carefully flatten your masterpiece with newsprint like a de Kooning. Some will scoff at your self-imposed limitations, but restraint often leads to greater freedom and creativity. You may not be remembered as the guy who tore bathroom doors off their hinges, but you'll live longer for it.

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