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May 14, 2006

13 days till i'm slave to these little monsters again

The shopping countdown to the next long weekend with my family is rapidly ticking by. I have to cover mother's day, father's day, 2 birthdays, the usual make-my-sobrinos love me gifts, and need something for the brother in law so he won't feel left out.

My heart yearns for the Supremes. The baby has been saying my name (or, making a close approximation to my nickname). El Sobrino Supremo has been Mr. Chatty Pants on the telephone, which indicates he's missing me or really really bored at home.

Dating. Well, I might have a first date with a fellow nervee this week. He looks fantastic on paper. Could turn out swell or utter hell. Also, Baby J calls out of the blue tonight to see if I'd mind if she gave my number to a good friend of hers. Problem is that said friend lives in OH. How does one do long-distance blind dating? Posted by Picasa

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