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May 04, 2006

i sprained my mojo

My mojo is so broke that it won't even work on me. (God do I love me some Zombies.) Seriously. The only dudes I'm attracting are the nerdy, the old, and a combination of the two. However, since the mojo appears to be on vacation, this does not matter so much. It is more disconcerting that disturbing.

Which leads me to be somewhat relieved that a friend will be coming into town and staying with me tomorrow night. A married friend who has given birth to three children and who will, no doubt, think going to bed at 10 is a real luxury. But still, it lets me off the hook for not having a date on Friday. If only she wasn't flying out of Dulles...

Work has been far more rewarding since starting the new job on Monday. They actually value me and express their appreciation. Like, every other day! Then again, I am working for the most demoralized agency in the entire federal government at the moment. The beat-down hasn't taken its effect quite yet.

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