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May 02, 2006

low-hanging fruit

I've had so many blah dates in the past few months that I'm concerned that I'll mistakenly fall for the next even slightly non-blah guy. I have a semi-sober theory that this is what happens to online daters; they have so many mediocre dates that their perception of real chemistry is altered and they end up with the next not-so-bad thing. I do not favor the practice of allowing "good to get in the way of best". Usually. Also, I don't think that I have unrealistic expectations.

The Saturday guy smokes. Also, isn't close to his family. Also, not so into me either. (Sigh of relief.) Most importantly, I didn't feel the requisite tingle in my happy place. I despair that the tingle has gone forever. (The naturally-produced tingle. We don't count battery-operated tingles.)

Chemistry.com continues to be a source of amusement. Instead of tossing out every dork I've taken to giving more of them a chance, which has led me to an even darker view of humanity than I held previously. Chemistry has this odd list of issues for which you register your enthusiasm, or lack thereof. One of those issues has to do with the need for sexual adventurousness. Lots of guys seem to find this a critical issue. I think they see this category and think, "hells yeah, I have to have sex, " while women see this and wonder, "What? BDSM? Rear entry? I'm being asked this before he's even bought me a drink? Danger! Danger! Danger!"

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