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April 11, 2006

i'm officially dangerous

Updated and corrections made 4/12:
The office went on a little team-building field trip today. We ate bbq, played softball, and got to practice firing serious weapons. I'm firing an MP5 semi automatic somethingorother in the photo, and I have to tell you that I am quite a good shot. Much better than I was with the handgun (a Glock for those interested in the petty details), which has a bit of a recoil. ALSO, I did get a chance to shoot a few rounds off the P40, which was quite a rush. It barely looked like a gun, but can pierce 45 layers of kevlar. Scary stuff.

It was even better than the time I went to Quantico and got to fire the grenade launcher. At a tank. Surrounded by marines. In full combat gear. (Ah, Spring is in the air and the lady's thoughts turn to short-lived love.)

RE using this photo on dating profiles: Several crazy friends want me to post one of these photos to see what sort of freakatude I get. Also, as one friend entreated, "Think of the comedy." And she's right. So, so right. Might have to break open the match profile as I'm certainly not going to sully my nerve profile like that! Posted by Picasa

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