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April 03, 2006

auntie em, uncle henry, toto! it's a twister! it's a twister!

Even though they haven't actually verified that a tornado tore through my family's neighborhood in MO yesterday, they had some serious damage to the home. My sister swears that it had to have been pretty close to a tornado since it sounded much like a freight train going past the house. One of the two-story columns (too heavy for two men to move) in front was blown completely off and to the side of the house, and the garage door was seriously dented. There was some damage to the patio furniture as well. They're waiting for the insurance folks to see what else broke.

It was rather scary for the kids.

DC was under a tornado watch for a while tonight, and there were a few minutes around 7 pm that I was a bit worried - I could smell the ozone from inside my apartment - never a good sign.

The subject line quote is from Johnny from Airplane; the best movie ever.

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