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March 29, 2006

silk suit, black tie...

We've had a couple good recommendations on my awful music mix: Eddie Murphy's Party All The Time (just nauseating, Dan - good job!) and the Julio Iglesias/Willie Nelson duet To All the Girls I Loved Before.

I was also thinking that we could use something like Lets Get Physical by Olivia Newton John and Sharp-Dressed Man by ZZ Top. I dunno - keep sending ideas. Again, the songs don't have to be awful all by themselves, it's the overall effect I'm trying to achieve.

In online dating news, the meetic.com international site continues to amuse me. I've gotten a message from a flight attendant who will be in town next Monday or Tuesday and wants to meet for coffee. His photo is pretty hot. And not enough information is provided for me to cast aspersions on his personality/education/language skills. On the creepier side, got a message from a dude in Miami (cubano) who wants me to consider su casa as mi casa. Good lord.

Chemistry continues to be craptastic. Trust me people, don't pay extra to use that site.

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