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March 19, 2006

je ne parle pas francaise (i still don't speak a lick of french)

The chemistry.com thing is such a disappointment. The majority of the matches they send me are "separated" and sad-sackish. I delete the separated guys immediately as well as the ones who can't take the time to provide a short narrative statement (only slightly less iffy than the guys who don't provide photos). I also delete the ones who use the LOL and ROFL without discretion. I can handle an LOL about every 3 or 4 messages (meaning I'm visibly cringing, but not gagging). I prefer LMAO, but only if used judiciously (hardly ever).

Am I the only one out there who thinks LOL is effing stupid? I really really hate that acronym and have come to think it is a sign of serious dumbassedness. Over the past few years I've also come to suspect the use of emoticons. They also annoy me.

I must be pmsing.

So, the only chemistry guy that I've been emailing has asked if I would like to get together when he returns from some trip. I'm not excited about it. Well, except for the fact that he has dogs, since I like dogs and can't have one where I live. Fortunately, I have family in town this week so I can put it off for at least till the weekend. I'm enjoying my break from dating. I might even extend it into April.

The meetic.com men are fair-to-middlingish; lots of associates degrees and guys in their 40's making not even half what I make. Also, many of them live on another continent, which makes dating them difficult. I had some older French dude start out a message to me with, "hello pretty princess!" Holy sacrebleu, Batman.

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