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February 27, 2006

trial separation

As previously mentioned, I'm taking a break from online dating as I am totally burned out. For how long? Well, that is a very good question considering my tendency to backslide. I'm thinking that I need four solid weeks at a minimum, and then I can reassess.

Whatever will I do with myself in the interim? Aside from my manic telenovela obsession? I'm thinking about getting to know my friends again, and maybe making some new ones. I've been wanting to learn how to knit (those do-it-yourself kits don't help explain casting on at all) so maybe I'll finally take one of those classes at Stitch. I think I will take a road trip up to NYC to see the Brooklyn Freckler and Alabama Slama towards the end of March (consider this fair warning, and mark your calendars girls). The Freckler's local is a darling little Scottish pub with darling little scots. And, like, an insane number of single malts on hand. The Slama has been dating some Irish guy for a couple months, and I need to make sure he's bona fide (from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, "Vernon here's got a job. Vernon's got prospects. He's bona fide. What are you?") .

Also, I really have not gotten any quality time with the Multicultural Spitfire or her funny boyfriend, the Thirsty Bunny (neither of whom have any time to blog anymore), so I'd love to hang out with them. The Spitfire gets a little too serious every so often and I have a feeling she could use a night of frivolity. The Bunny has been working terrible hours - we must get him a new job - one that will allow him to blog every single day. He hasn't written since last April and it has been a terrible loss.

Work has been nuts for CamillaParkerBowles, too, and I hope to engage her in a little retail therapy sometime in the next few weeks. In addition to hitting our usual happy place of Off Fifth, I need some help in locating more little outfits for La Niece. That kid is too cute to be wearing crap from Target. Despite the drool and inability to keep food from getting in her hair. Now, why is it cute on her but not on the men I've been dating?

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