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March 02, 2006

resolve? what resolve?

I haven't been completely honest about taking a break from online dating. You see, I'm still flirting with the chemistry.com stuff. But, I've never actually met anyone from it, and have only emailed two fellows so far. Online dating is highly addictive.

For the unitiated (and ignorance is bliss, my friends), chemistry.com is match.com's attempt to snag a part of the eHarm market (more long-term, less nooky-only). They're not making me pay for the services right now, so I don't feel so bad about participating. The way it works is that they send you matches based on a highly scientific personality analysis. You don't get to search for possible matches. Half the guys on it don't have photos, which leads me to think that they're either married or total trolls.

Like eHarm, the process starts out with a few multiple choice questions and then onto a couple open-ended questions. One man's first question to me asked whether I wanted to have children and, if so, how many. He's 38, and apparently his clock is ticking. Mine, however, appears to be broken - as much as I love my niece and nephew, I really really fear pain and I have enough trouble losing weight as it is. I'm also not unaware that, as I get older, the probability that I will be able to get pregnant and have a healthy child diminishes. And, good lord! Shouldn't we have gone on a few dates first and gotten drunk together before that question even arises?!? I'm no baby-factory!

Yet, I'm still checking to see what sort of losers chemistry.com throws my way every day. Is there a 12-step program for online dating?

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