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February 28, 2006

craigslist personals scare the hell out of me

I've never utilized the craigslist personals as they frighten me. This probably makes little sense - and I'm sure plenty of people have had good experiences using this service - but the bulletin board format intimidates me. It is a little harder to mock each other's profiles on other online dating sites (though, GOD, how I wish I could at times - and I'm talking to YOU, Mr. Shirtless Hairy NASCAR Fan). I do, however, read them out of morbid curiosity. And I read the rants and raves section for the occasional laugh.

There's a talented blogger in DC who has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous dating misfortune a la craigslist personals and a particularly evil dating service called Its Just Lunch. With all the online dating resources, there is no need to shell out thousands of dollars to find a date, folks. Now, I might consider a yenta, but she'd have to be damn good. Currently, Velvet is mourning a man who lead her on, but she gives as good as she gets. Seriously, click on "gives", then "good", and then "gets" for a great story. Then click here to see a photo of the perp.

My self-imposed online dating hiatus has made it to Day 2, and my resolve is still firm.

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